Terms & Conditions

While sounding a bit formal, the following terms and conditions of sale are set down by DARZ DESIGN to prevent any possible sources of misunderstanding.

Formation of the Contract

1. The offer in this sale occurs when the buyer fills in the form and submits it to DARZ DESIGN.
2. Acceptance of this offer occurs when DARZ DESIGN charges the buyer’s credit card.



3. Credit cards will be charged at the time of ordering. 


Cancellation of the Contract

4. The buyer has the right to cancel the sale within three days from the date of placing the order.  
5. If the goods have already been shipped the buyer no longer has the right to cancel the sale.


6. Goods are only defined as returns if they meet all of the following conditions: 
  1. The product is in the same original condition as at the time of purchase.
  2. The product has not been worn outside of the house. 
  3. The product has not been worn (with the exception of trying it on for size). 
  4. The product has not been washed. 
  5. The product is returned in its original packaging with original tags still attached.
  6. The cancellation should be informed to DARZ DESIGN via email or phone call within 3 days from the date of receipt the abaya. 
  7. The product is then received by DARZ DESIGN. 

7. The buyer will be entitled to return purchased goods within 7 days of purchase date for a full refund, provided the goods are defined as returns according to clause 6. 
8. If the goods are returned after 7 days of the purchase date, the buyer no longer has the right to a refund, exchange, or store credit. 
9. The buyer is responsible for all shipping charges incurred including the initial shipping cost at the time of the purchase and at the time of returning the item to DARZ DESIGN. 



10. The goods become the possession of the buyer when the customer’s credit card is charged. 
11. DARZ DESIGN is responsible for ensuring that all goods are fit for their purpose and are free from any fundamental defect prior to shipping the goods to the buyer.


Conformity of the goods

12. DARZ DESIGN will deliver goods which are of the quantity, quality, and description, as stated at the time of purchase. 
13. The buyer should examine the goods immediately upon receipt to check that the goods conform to the invoice. 
14. The buyer should notify DARZ DESIGN if any lack of conformity exists within 3 days of receipt of the goods. 
15. If the goods do not conform to the invoice in a fundamental way, DARZ DESIGN will either replace those products which do not conform or refund the cost of those items. The choice of refunding or replacing the items will be made by DARZ DESIGN. 
16. If the buyer does not notify DARZ DESIGN within 3 days of receipt of goods, the buyer loses the right to rely on a lack of conformity and DARZ DESIGN will not replace such goods. 
17. Those goods which do not conform to the invoice, and as such have been substituted, are the property of DARZ DESIGN and the buyer will make all necessary arrangements in order to ensure that the products are returned to DARZ DESIGN. The expense of this return will be borne by DARZ DESIGN. 


Definition of “fundamental”
A breach of contract committed by one of the parties is fundamental if it results in such detriment to the other party as substantially to deprive him of what he is entitled to expect under the contract, unless the party in breach did not foresee and a reasonable person of the same kind in the same circumstances would not have foreseen such a result.