How to Purchase

STEP - 1        Press  icon located on the upper left side to view the available items online

STEP - 2       You have 3 option to view the products

                                    1. By year (abayas launched in specific year)
                                    2. By collection (latest collection is from left side)
                                    3. By range (types of abaya)
                        Then press your chosen option

STEP – 3      After browsing you may press the photo of the abaya you choose to buy.

STEP - 4       Enlarge photo and specifications of abaya will appear

STEP - 5      Select your abaya size. There are two different ways you can get an abaya.

STEP - 6      Select the Ready to Wear size you prefer and enter the quantity you prefer

STEP - 7     If your selected product has a custom size option please choose only the Custom Made checkbox.  A popup will be shown for you to enter you abaya sizes . It will also have option to print the form, in case you want to take it to your tailor.

If you choose this option only single custom made item can be ordered. 

For example: If you choose abaya A1 - with ready to wear sizes S, M & L and Custom Made option. You can purchase any quantity of Ready to Wear sizes. But only single custom made abaya per abaya model. So your cart might look like this. You cannot have multiple quantity for custom abayas.





STEP - 8.       Press Add to Cart

STEP - 9       A pop up message will ask you to confirm the size you have chosen. You may press theruler icon to view Darz measurements. 

                     If you're sure about the size you selected press Yes. I’ve selected the right size

STEP - 10     Item chosen will directly go to shopping cart.

Press the bag icon on the right upper side
Press View Cart to see your chosen items (you may edit your orders) or Press Check-out to continue with payment

STEP -11        Checking out the orders

Follow the Four steps (Personal Details, Addresses, Shipping Method, Payment Method)

If you're a logged in customer, you'll be shown with all addresses you previously entered or used. You can also add a new addresses.

You can also have different billing and shipping address. Uncheck the following below your address to enter different shipping address

If you're not logged in or is not a registered user you can use the Register Account option to purchase or you can also purchase as a guest user without registering.

If your order is going to be shipped inside Qatar you'll have two options either Collect from Store (A Darz store of your choice) or Free Shipping.

If you want to ship the order outside Qatar you'll need to pay for the shipping charges

Step -12                Click Confirm Order.

You'll be taken to the Payment Gateway website

STEP - 13             Fill out the Credit card details (Card Number, Expiry date, Security Code)  Press Pay now

STEP – 14            Once the transaction was successful you will receive an email for the copy of invoice as a proof of purchase.